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UnitedHealthcare Cancelled Members Find Assistance Through Medicoverage

UnitedHealthcare members are receiving assistance from Medicoverage.com to help understand their coverage options now that UnitedHealthcare has exited California’s individual health market.


What UnitedHealthcare’s Departure Means for Its Members

Medicoverage is offering its complimentary services to cancelled UnitedHealthcare members who need help to make a decision on whether to get a new plan now or to wait for ObamaCare health plans of 2014.

Medicoverage co-founder Chris Mihm said, “The least we can do is offer complimentary assistance to UnitedHealthcare members finding themselves displaced with this announcement.” Mihm went on to say, “We have been helping confused Aetna members and we will do the same for UnitedHealthcare to compare their current plans with a new plan that best meets their needs.”

Mr. Mihm said that agents will be on hand will help explain current plans as well as explain how the new “metal plans” under the Affordable Care Act will work should they decide to stay on their current plan. The new metal plans are called the Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan.

Next Steps for UnitedHealthcare Members
If you currently have a UnitedHealthcare individual plan in California and want to review your health coverage options free of charge, you can contact Medicoverage here or call them directly at 800-930-7956.

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