Health Insurance for individuals and Families

Individual and Family Health Insurance

While the current healthcare model may be changing, the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) is still available currently. You are still able to get a subsidized or non-subsidized plan, which are explained below. We will update this page with any changes Congress makes to healthcare. 

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Option 1) Enroll in an ObamaCare “On-Exchange” Plan:
On-exchange plans are meant for those who qualify for income-based subsidies to help pay for their health plan’s premium and/or out of pocket costs. You are able to enroll during Open Enrollment (Nov 15th -Jan 31st) or if you have a qualifying event (ie. lost job, got married, moved) you can apply within 63 days of the event. Visit our ObamaCare page to learn more.

Option 2) Enroll in an ObamaCare Off-Exchange Plan: (Coverage begins January 1, 2016)
Off-exchange plans do not cover subsidies, but there can be more options of plans. These are ideal for those who make too much money to qualify for an ACA subsidized plan. The same rules apply for on and off-Exchange plans for Open Enrollment or if you have Special Enrollment Period. Click here to learn more about off-Exchange plans.

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