Senior Health Insurance


Medigap, or by its formal name, Medicare Supplement insurance, fills in the gaps of Original Medicare. What this means is the Original Medicare offers basic coverage, but there are still copays, coinsurance, deductibles, excess charges, and limitations on coverage of blood transfusions and hospital stays -this is where Medigap fills in.

Medigap is considered to be the strongest financial protection against runaway health costs for persons 65 and over.

Medigap plans range in coverage, but all plans give an additional 365 days of hospitalization

The good news is Medigap plans cover A LOT. The bad news the premiums can be somewhat expensive. The rule of thumb is the more coverage, the more you pay each month, but the less you pay out for medical services (in the case of Medigap Plan F most of our clients do not pay anything out of pocket besides their premium)

There are 10 standarized Medigap plans available that vary from basic to comprehensive coverage. What this means is all Medigap plans are lettered plan A-N, and each lettered plan is equal to its counterpart in coverage (ie All Plan As have the exact same coverage, no matter the insurance company), so you only have to compare plans based off price. Now that you have a little more info on Medigap, find out does Medigap cover dental? Click here to get an instant Medigap quote or go to Senior65, our dedicated site for people over 65.