Medicare-Eligible Health Insurance

Medicare-Eligible Dental Insurance Basics

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Medicare-Eligible dental insurance.  We address the main dental issues in the three points below.

1) Medicare or Medigap Dental?

Neither Medicare nor Medigap supplemental insurance plans will cover dental services. If you are Medicare-Eligible and want dental insurance, you will have to buy a separate policy.

2) Medicare-Eligible Specific Dental Plans?

Some companies, like Delta Dental, offer special plans designed for Medicare-Eligible citizens, while other companies allow them to purchase the same coverage as those under 65.

3) Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Older people who haven’t had a history of dental problems still need to see a dentist. Medicare-Eligibles have the highest rate of oral cancer and dentists often spot the disease first.

If you are eligible and are interested in a dental plan, visit our Senior65 contact page to get in touch with a agent who can steer you in the right direction.