Senior Health Insurance

Part D Drugs

Prescription drug coverage, also known as Medicare Part D, is an important add-on to Original Medicare. Many Medicare eligible people are unaware that is not included when they enroll with Medicare.

What is Prescription Drug Coverage?

It is prescription coverage for people on Medicare. Original Medicare doesn’t cover (most) prescription drugs, so there are other options to cover your prescription drug needs.

Choosing a Part D plan

The best way to choose a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan is get a list of your current drugs so that you are able to make sure how and if your drugs are currently on a plan’s formulary (list of drugs the plan covers). Once you do that you’ll be able to see which is the least cost effective (this does not mean it will have the lowest premium).

Ways to Get Part D

If you go with Original Medicare or with the Original Medicare/Medigap combo you’ll want to get a stand-alone drug plan, however, if you go with a Medicare Advantage plan many times drug coverage is included.

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