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Dental Insurance Basics

Dental Care is an important part of your total health profile. If you are looking for Dental Insurance you will want to start with our instant dental quote.

Dental and ObamaCare

While ObamaCare plans may include pediatric dental for those under 19, all adults will have to purchase a separate dental plan. So remember children’s dental and vision is part of the essential health benefits guaranteed by the new Affordable Care Act Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans. These same plans offer no dental plans for Adults.

Why You Need Dental

Quality dental care gives you the opportunity to prevent oral diseases by treating oral health problems in the early stages. Regular visits to the dentist, including cleanings, exams and X-rays, can reduce the risk of permanent damage and avert more costly treatment later on. Plus if you behave nicely to the dental hygienist, he or she may give you a sticker after your visit.

Here is the good news: everyone who applies for dental insurance coverage plan gets approved.  In all cases, make sure you have health insurance before considering dental coverage, as well as of 2014 there in an individual mandate that requires nearly all Americans to have health coverage or pay a penalty.. While it is incredibly risky (and a few months, extra costly) to go without health insurance, the same is not necessarily true with dental insurance.

Use the links below to download dental plan information. You will find information on coverage, rates and options. You will also find an easy one page application that you can print, fill out and send in.

In some states you will have an option between HMO or PPO dental. When selecting a dental plan, remember that HMO plans tend to be less expensive but less comprehensive than PPO plans. If you need help with the process, please contact us here

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