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Anthem California to increase Blue Cross rates October 1, 2010

As you remember from past blog entries, Anthem Blue Cross delayed its scheduled March 2010 rate action after public outcry and state review. You may also remember that Anthem re-filed for new rates with the state of California in June of 2010. These new requested rates were approved and are scheduled to take place on October 1, 2010. The average increase will be 14% which is down from the initial 20% of the march filing.

Today Anthem announced that they have sent out 800,000 letters to its members alerting them to this new rate adjustment. We, Medicoverage.com, are supposed to receive a list of our members affected by this new rate increase in early september. We will email all our members with an update of what increase (if any) they can expect to see.

If you have an Anthem Blue Cross plan in California and are subject to the October Rate action (or you don’t know but want to find out) please call us and we can review your plan and suggest alternatives. You can reach Medicoverage here to speak to a licensed health agent.

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Comment from Suzy on December 31, 2011

Intellinegce and simplicity - easy to understand how you think.

Comment from Sherry 2011 on October 19, 2011

Who cares about new rates. Even getting health insurance with pre-existing conditions can be a daunting task. A person need not be terribly unhealthy and still find it difficult to qualify medically for a single major medical insurance through a private carrier. Try to find a carrier who accepts health insurance for diabetics, for example. Or in my situation, if a person has a history of hypertension and / or cholesterol or is even slightly overweight can be difficult to obtain insurance in this scenario.

Comment from Mike Solis on September 01, 2010

We just got this in from Anthem Blue Cross.  We will be posting up as new information comes in!

From Anthem:

The following benefit changes have gone into effect based on the new federal health care reform provisions effective on or after September 23, 2010. This is regardless of whether the plan is or is not “grandfathered”:

Dependents are eligible to retain or enroll in coverage under their parent’s plan until they turn 26.

We removed some yearly dollar limits on certain plans:

*Durable medical equipment
*Smoking cessation program
*Removed annual maximum on physical exam benefit
*Removed limitations on office visits, diagnostic X-rays and labs for Elements Hospital Plus and Elements Hospital Preferred plans only
*We removed limitations on office visits, diagnostic X-rays and labs for Elements Hospital Plus and Elements Hospital Preferred plans only
*We removed the $5 million lifetime maximum from PPO plans.
*We removed pre-existing exclusions for members younger than 19 from plans in which such exclusions existed.
*In-network preventive care is now covered at 100% on all plans.

We will continue to update this blog as more information comes in -Mike

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