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Healthcare Exchange California, How Much Will it Cost?

Bronze and Silver plans offer the most affordable monthly premiums of the new Healthcare exchange metal plans. These plans offer the same essential benefits required of all metal plans. Click here to compare Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum side-by-side.

Health Care Exchange California Premiums Image

California Has Released its Average Monthly Premiums for Bronze and Silver Plans

The chart below demonstrates the average monthly premium in California. CA plans are based on plan, region, and provider, to learn your specific monthly premium for your area or for Gold or Platinum premiums, call 800-930-7956.

The information below is what you will pay after Federal Premium Subsidies kick in.

Bronze & Silver Premiums 150% FPL ($17,235*) 200% FPL ($22,980*) 250% FPL ($28,725*) 300% FPL ($34,470*) 400% + FPL ($45,960*)
Bronze 21 Year Old $5 $69 $142 $177 $177
Silver 21 Year Old $58 $122 $195 $230 $230
Bronze 40 Year Old $0 $54 $128 $209 $226
Silver 40 Year Old $58 $122 $195 $277 $294

*The figures are above are for individuals. Remember these numbers are averages and not your specific premium, click here to get your specific Exchange Premium.

Important Silver Facts

Although the monthly premium might be somewhat higher than Bronze, remember with Silver you pay 30% of your medical costs, Bronze 40%. As well as if you fall below 250% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) -under $28,725, and have a Silver plan, you may qualify for Federal Cost-Sharing Subsidies. Weigh both before you decide on your plan.

Next Steps
For specific premium information for your CA region or state please contact Medicoverage.

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