Medicare-Eligible Health Insurance

Available Medigap Plans

Most state offer plans based on standardized lettered plans such as Medigap Plan F or G.  In Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Medigap plans are standardized in a different way so make sure you check you local laws if you live in one of the three states listed.

Which Plan Should I Select?

Now it’s time for you to learn the best way to find the Medigap plan that’s right for you. Our suggestion is to weigh your monthly budget, your current needs, and more importantly future needs, before you choose a Medigap plan. Currently the majority of our clients who select Medigap go with Plan G because it offers good benefits at usually a fair price.

You can also visit our new site that clearly shows what Medigap benefits go with each plan.

Or if you’d prefer, you can move right into getting some quotes by visiting our Medicare insurance quote engine.