Medicare-Eligible Health Insurance

Understanding Long Term Care

Sometime in the future you may need non-medical assistance in your home. This is usually the case when you become injured or very old. You may need someone to assist you in performing the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as eating, using the toilet, bathing, getting out of bed, dressing, etc.


These services can be administered by a non-medically-trained caregiver but are still very expensive.  Additionally, these services are not always covered under your traditional health insurance plan, and when they are, such benefits are often limited to a certain number of days.

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance is designed to help pay for the high cost of home care. In 2010, roughly 9 million US seniors will need long-term care services.  While most recipients are 65 and older, over 40% currently receiving LTC are aged 18 to 64 years old.

Is LTC right for you and your family?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and then contact us to speak to one of our agents.