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CoreShare and ClearProtection: Key Differences

Anthem CoreShare and Anthem ClearProtection may seem similar but there are significant differences between the plans. We have found the key differences between the two.

How are CoreShare and ClearProtection Alike?

Both are affordable healthcare plans that offer low monthly premiums with some immediate benefits such as free preventive care and the benefit of Anthem’s negotiated rate.

How the Two Plans Differ

Clear Protection
Has two deductibles: one for out-patient services and one for in-patient services. The reason for this is so that the if you were to have a medical emergency your lower in-patient deductible would kick in, so that you have peace of mind.

Is a cost-sharing health program set up so that you have to meet your deductible for your insurance pays toward your services. It is more of a catastrophic plan than ClearProtection.

Comparison Chart

The figures below are based on Colorado’s CoreShare and ClearProtection Plans. To learn the break down for your specific state call 800-930-7956 or visit our ClearProtection Overview Page or our CoreShare Overview Page.

Anthem Plans ClearProtection CoreShare
Deductible In-Patient $1,000 -$5,000 $750 -$7,500
Deductible Out-Patient $4,500 -$8,500 CoreShare only has one Deductible
Doctor’s Office Visits $40 for first 2 visits 50% *after deductible
Preventive $0 $0
Xray and Diagnostic Services 30% *after deductible 50% *after deductible
Emergency 30% coinsurance plus $100 ER fee *after deductible 50% coinsurance *after deductible plus $200 ER fee **with $750 -$2,500 deductible
Maternity 30% *after deductible 50% *after deductible
Generic Drugs $15 $15
Brand Name Rx Deductible $7,500 $2,000
Brand Rx $40/$60 Formulary/Non-Formulary *after deductible $35 *after deductible
Specialty Rx Additional Out-of-Pocket in Addition to Rx Deductible $2,500 $2,500
Specialty Rx 25% *after deductible 25% *after deductible
Out-of-Pocket Max $4,500 -$8,500 (doubles for families) $4,250 -$11,000 (doubles for families) *does not include facility fees for deductibles $750 -$2,500

Further Questions:
For any further questions about Anthem’s ClearProtection and CoreShare Plans contact Medicoverage.


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