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ObamaCare Penalties for Those Without Insurance

ObamaCare guarantees issuance for all regardless of preexisting conditions and therefore will impose a penalty for those that do not have insurance for the “metal” plans: Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan.


How are Penalties Determined?

With the Affordable Care Act, penalties are determined by the amount of months that a person is without health insurance. For instance, if you didn’t have health insurance for 6 months a prorated amount will be tacked on when you do your taxes (you pay 50%). There are small windows of time that you go without insurance that will not effect you. Click here to learn about ObamaCare: Temporary Exemptions for the Uninsured.

What are the Federal Penalties for Being Uninsured?

$325 or 2% of your income in 2015, whichever is higher. There is also an uninsured child penalty of $162.50 per child, maxing out at $975 per family. To learn what your specific monthly premium under the Affordable Care Act would be call 800.930.7956.

Are there Federal Exemptions from Penalties?

Yes, there are a few ways to be exempt from a penalty:

  • You are an undocumented immigrant
  • Minimum coverage would exceed 8% of your income even after applied subsidies and/or employer contributions
  • Being without insurance for less than 3 months
  • Being below the poverty line, low enough that you don’t file a tax return
  • Against your religious beliefs
  • You are in jail or prison
  • You are a member of an Indian tribe
  • Americans who live abroad for at least 330 days a year

Further Questions
For any further questions about Obamacare penalties call 800.930.7956 or contact Medicoverage.

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Comment from Richard delameter on November 04, 2013

according to the supreme court their are no penalties. You pay a tax to the irs for failure to have insurance. It would have been unconstitutional for congress to pass penalties. They only have taxing authority. Need to change the format reflecting Obamacare Tax for uninsured.

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