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Top Health Insurance Plans for Students

As we said in our general overview of this section, each student’s needs are unique so there is not one plan that is best for all students. That being said, there are some health insurance plans out there that tend to be a better fit for students than others. Tonik health insurance, by Anthem Blue Cross is an example of one such plan. In fact Tonik is the top selling plan for students and recent graduates.

UPDATE:  Tonik will not be available to new members after January 1, 2014

The Affordable Care Act has flipped health insurance on its head. There are some side effects of the law such as Tonik will no longer be available to enrollees after January 1, 2014. Don’t fret if you currently are enrolled in a plan, you can usually renew your plan for one more year OR if you are lucky enough to have enrolled in your plan prior to March 23, 2010 you have grandfathered status. Basically you have the option to stay with your current plan. Only thing to remember is that grandfathered plans do not need to include the essential health benefits included in the ACA law -this is not to say that your plan does not already include some of these benefits.

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Understand the money. Health insurance cost money so you will want to know about Student Health Insurance Payment Options. Click here to get a health plan quote.