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ObamaCare: Doctors Foot Bill for Patients’ Non-Payment

According to a LocumTenens.com poll, 56% of doctors are unclear of how the Affordable Care Act affects them. It is important that doctors understand the law because it will increase patient eligibility which in turn would or should increase the amount of money going to doctors.

ObamaCare Doctors

Doctors should make more money, however, according to NBC news “Under the rules of the exchange, a patient can go up to three months without paying premiums and still not get their coverage formally dropped by an insurers—but the insurer isn’t obligated to pay claims incurred during the second and third month if that person isn’t paying their premiums for that time.” So this could mean that doctors could eat the costs of thousands and thousands of dollars of medical bills every month with the new metal plans called Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan.

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