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Georgia Platinum Plan Details

Georgia is waiting on final approval of its ObamaCare metal plans. In the mean time, we know that the Platinum plan is the top tier of all the new plans, which has the lowest out-of-pocket maximum, highest monthly premium, and you pay only 10% of your medical costs until meet your out-of-pocket max. Plans are defined by their metal level, all this means is each plan must offer a percentage of coverage from 60-90%. All plans much include the ObamaCare 10 essential health benefits and providers must abide by the 80/20 Affordable Care Act Rule.

GA Platinum Details

Due to Georgia’s Health Insurance Marketplace plans awaiting approval, we don’t have final figures for the state, therefore we are sharing Platinum plan details of two established states: California and Colorado. In Colorado, the Platinum plan deductibles range from $0 to $1,000. Covered California’s has released a breakdown of their Platinum plan with a $0 deductible. The following California Platinum plan chart is illustrative purposes only:

Benefits Platinum Health Plan*
Deductible $0
Preventive $0
Doctor’s Office Visits $20
Specialist $40
Generic Rx $5 or less
Brand RX $15
Lab Testing $25
X-ray $40
ER Visit $150
Urgent Care $40
Out-of-Pocket Max $4,000/$8,000 (ind/fam)

Georgia Platinum Plan Premiums

Not to be redundant, but we don’t have their figures. Instead, we will offer California’s and Colorado’s premium range to get an idea of rates for Georgia. A Platinum Plan for a 40 year old, non-smoker in Colorado has a range of $314 to $499, and in California a range of $285 to $687. These premium rates do not include ObamaCare federal premium subsidies, which can drop the premium significantly. The wide range of plans are based on area and provider. For your specific premium call 800-930-7956.

How Platinum Plans Differ From Other Metal Plans

Due to the Platinum plans $0 to low deductible, lowest out-of-pocket maximums, and members paying only 10% of their medical care, it is expected to attract the sickest enrollees. If this happens, Platinum premiums could increase drastically in the coming years. Click here to compare the ObamaCare Bronze plan, Silver plan, Gold plan, and Platinum plan side-by-side.

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