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Georgia Gold Plan Outline

As the ObamaCare initial enrollment is less than two months away, Georgia still has not released its Gold plan premiums. However all Gold plans much include the ObamaCare 10 essential health benefits, providers pay 80% of your medical costs while you pay 20% until you meet your out-of-pocket max, and insurance companies must abide by the 80/20 Affordable Care Act Rule, where providers must spend 80% of the plan premiums on health care or refund their policyholders.

Georgia Gold Plan Overview

At this time it is unclear what Georgia’s plan breakdowns are, however we can use California and Colorado, who both have released their figures, as an example of how Georgia’s plans may work.  Colorado Gold plan deductibles range from $0 -$2,000, while the chart below is an example of a California Gold plan, purely for illustrative purposes:

Benefits Gold Health Plan*
Deductible $0
Preventive $0
Doctor’s Office Visits $30
Specialist $50
Generic Rx $25 or less
Brand RX $50
Lab Testing $35
X-ray $50
ER Visit $250
Urgent Care $60
Out-of-Pocket Max $6,350/$12,700 (ind/fam)

GA Gold Plan Premiums

As stated above, Georgia’s plans have not been approved. Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner has stated that some premiums have increased by 198%. While the state’s plans are being approved, once again, we will use California and Colorado as an example. In Colorado the Gold premium for a 40 year old, non-smoker range from about $287 to $551 per month, and in California the premium ranges from $370 to $600. These figures are without ObamaCare federal premium subsidies, which can drop the premium significantly. Remember premiums are based off age, area, and provider. For your specific premium call 800-930-7956.

How the Gold Plan Differs from Other Metal Plans

The Gold plan, generally has the same out-of-pocket maximum as Bronze and Silver plans, however the Gold plan has a higher monthly premium. The majority of policyholders do not come close to hitting their out-of-pocket max each year, so therefore you would also want to look at when does the plan kick in. If your plan kicks in after a hefty deductible, are you really saving money? With the Gold plan, you should, if Georgia follows California’s lead, have your provider pay toward your services before having to satisfy your deductible. Click here to compare the ObamaCare Bronze plan, Silver plan, Gold plan, and Platinum plan side-by-side.

For further questions call the number above or contact Medicoverage.

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