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Anthem Blue Cross now selling 11 “new” health insurance plans

Anthem Blue Cross of California announced today that it has received the go-ahead from the California Department of Insurance to begin selling 11 plans that are now compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mandated benefits.

The plans now approved by the CDI are:

  * Tonik 5000
  * Premier Plus 1000
  * Premier Plus 1500
  * Premier Plus 2500
  * Premier Plus 3500
  * Premier Plus 5000
  * Premier Plus 6000
  * Lumenos HSA 1500 (no maternity)
  * Lumenos HSA 5000 (maternity)
  * PPO Share 5000
  * PPO Share 1000

They are accepting paper applications now and expect online applications to being in one week.  All of the new plans will continue to have an initial 12-month rate guarantee.

Anthem said that they are “continuing to work with the California Department of Insurance in order to have the remainder of our PPACA compliant plans completely reviewed and ready for the Individual market as soon as possible.”

Still pending final approval are:

  * SmartSense Plus
  * ClearProtection Plus
  * CoreGuard Plus
  * Lumenos Plus

We will update this insurance blog when new plans become available.

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