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50 State Premium Rates: Affordable Care Act

The Health Insurance Marketplace opening is on October 1, 2013,  we have compiled a list of preliminary premiums for all 50 states plus DC. The new Affordable Care Act plans are known as the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Affordable Care Act plans.


US State ACA Premiums

The following premiums are for the Silver Plan based off an average for a single 35 year old, non-smoker, in one region of the state. As well as these premiums do not include federal premium subsidies to help with the monthly cost of the policy to give you the raw cost of the plan. Click on the state on the left to learn more details about your state.

States Silver Health Plan
Alabama $246.33
Alaska $364.17
Arizona $188.17
Arkansas $188.17
California $250.08
Colorado $239.42
Connecticut $315.50
DC $217.50
Delaware $276.50
Florida $257.42
Georgia $239.50
Hawaii $175
Idaho $220.67
Illinois $202.33
Indiana $325.58
Iowa $220.08
Kansas $188.92
Kentucky $258.17
Louisiana $281.83
Maine $323.25
Maryland $218
Massachusetts $258.17
Michigan $214.25
Minnesota $147.58
Mississippi $312.25
Missouri $251.83
Montana $246.83
Nebraska $233.25
Nevada $227.91
New Hampshire $276.67
New Jersey $303.67
New Mexico $253
New York $258.17
North Carolina $293.08
North Dakota $274.50
Ohio $237.58
Oklahoma $192.42
Oregon $192
Pennsylvania $162.58
Rhode Island $279.75
South Carolina $231.25
South Dakota $289.67
Tennessee $179.33
Texas $236.17
Utah $209.17
Vermont $258.17
Virginia $260
Washington $270.17
West Virginia $250.92
Wisconsin $233.42
Wyoming $377.33

State Dental ACA Premiums

Each state and provider has its own dental plans offered and states have chosen to do adult stand-alone plans -just means separate from the actual health plan. Click here for your state’s dental quote.

Remember the above are averages only. For your specific premium call 800-930-7956 or contact Medicoverage.

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Comment from Teresa S on June 10, 2014

Why is no site where you can see a “range” of premiums based on plan and age?  I don’t see the need to give out so much personal information especially in light of recent episodes of information being accessed illegally just to get an idea whether or not this is a better option then paying your share of premium under your group plan or to determine whether you can afford to work part time which would cause you to lose coverage and still be able to afford coverage.  There is not enough information available without giving private information, to make informed choices.

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