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Tonik New Hampshire’s rates to decrease October 2010

August 05, 2010

Mike Solis

Good news on Tonik Rates in New Hamphire! Anthem NH announced today that the Tonik plans will GO DOWN in October on average 4.2 percent. The rate decrease is part of an overall rate reduction for the companies most popular plans.  See the insurance rate schedule below:

  • Blue Direct PPO and HSA received an average decrease of 4.7%
  • Lumenos received an average increase less than 0.1%
  • Tonik received an average decrease more than 4.2%
  • Individual Blue and Conversion received an average decrease of 10.2%

Now this does not mean that everyone who has a Tonik plan will see their price go down 4.2%.  Some may see an increase while others may see their price drop double that amount. It really depends on the age band. Additionally if you enter a new age band (like when you go from 39 to 40) your price will go up to the higher age band. Any increase by entering a new age band is not reflected in the 4.2% expected decrease.

Still this is huge news. With health insurance premiums growing annually at double digit rates it is nice to be able to tell our clients that “Hey your Tonik plan will be less expensive than last year!”

New Hampshire Tonik Rates

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