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Please Note: Due to the Affordable Care Act, Tonik is no longer available for new members. If you would like help finding a similar plan, please contact us at 800-930-7956.

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Anthem Blue Cross of California and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire) offer coverage for active people who need health insurance but hate paperwork and jargon. The Tonik health plans feature:

1) Easy to understand benefits
2) Simple online applications
3) Affordable pricing options

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Current Tonik Members

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ACA (OBAMACARE), Tonik will not be available for purchase in 2014. If you live in Colorado, Nevada and Georgia you must sign up for Tonik before Dec. 30, 2013. Tonik is no longer available to new members in all other states. Please visit to apply for a non-tonik plan in your state. Call 800-930-7956 if you have questions.


What Makes Tonik So Good?

Low-cost doctor visits
Dental coverage is included!
Vision benefits
Low copay for generic drugs
Low copay for ER or Urgent Care
No long-term contract

Tonik Insurance is for anyone under 65



Apply for Tonik today and you could be covered tomorrow! Click on your state to get started.


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