Health Insurance for Your Small Business

Qualifications for Small Business Insurance

Before you can purchase small business health insurance, you must make sure you qualify.

Most states require a business to have at least two employees to be considered a candidate for small group insurance.  Although a few, like Connecticut, require only one person. You will need to have established a legal entity for your business, and you may be required to provide company records and payroll information (DE-6).

Many insurance companies require some type of minimum participation to be considered eligible for small group coverage. For example, Blue Cross of California usually requires that 75% of eligible employees participate in the company plan to qualify for small business coverage. Employees who choose to stay with their spouse’s coverage are not factored into the 75% calculation.

If you think you qualify, gather a company census. This simply means you must collect the gender, birth date, home zip code and dependent information for all of your employees.  Once you have that, you can use the quote tool above by entering your business zip code and hitting the “Get Quote” button.  You will then be prompted to enter your census information.  Once that information is entered, you will be able to get your quotes.  If you prefer, you can simply visit our Contact page to speak with a Medicoverage agent in person about insurance for your small business.