Health Insurance for individuals and Families

Student Health Insurance Payment Options

Prepayment for Health Coverage is the Norm

There is some flexibility when it comes to paying for your student health insurance plan, but the key thing to understand is that you will always prepay for health insurance.  This means that if want to be covered for the month of January, you payment is usually due January 1st.  So if you apply online and you want to begin coverage immediately, most insurance companies will require that you get some sort of electronic billing on file, and then they will withdraw your payment upon approval.

Payment Options

There are typically three options for paying for your student health insurance.

1) Automatic billing to a credit or debit card.  Yes, this can be your parents’ credit card.  And yes, even if they live in a different state.
2) Automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account.  See point about your parents above—it’s true for their bank accounts as well.
3) Paper invoice. Some companies charge a nominal fee for this option and often ask for 2 months of payments (called bi-monthly) in advance.

Most companies give you a 30 day grace period to get your payment in, but we don’t recommend waiting to pay for your health insurance. If you miss a payment, your plan could be canceled after 30 days.  Then there is often a fee to get re-instated.  So it pays to, well, pay.

Next Steps
Well if you have made it through the entire student health insurance section you are ready to apply. Don’t sweat it. Often you can complete the whole process in 10 minutes today and be covered tomorrow. Now wouldn’t that be nice to cross off “get health insurance” off you list? If you want to apply for Tonik, you will want to visit  You may want to check out our Health Insurance Application Tips page for some pointers before you begin the application.