Health Insurance for individuals and Families

Top Dental Insurance Plans

There are usually two types of dental insurance plans available for individuals and families:  HMO and PPO.  You need to know which of these two is best suited for your specific needs before you’ll be able to identify which insurance company offers the best plan.

HMO Dental Insurance

These plans tend to be less expensive and have a smaller network of doctors.  Dental HMOs typically have pretty good coverage for preventive care, but may not cover more extensive (read expensive) procedures.  Get HMO Dental Quotes Here

PPO Dental Insurance

PPO dental plans are often more expensive than Dental HMOs, but the trade-off is that they have a much larger network of dentists. You can see both in-network dentist or out-of-network dentists on this type of plan. Most PPO plans cover both preventive and more extensive (expensive) procedures.  Get PPO Dental Quotes Here

The general idea here is that if your favorite dentist accepts an HMO plan and you don’t have many serious dental needs, then you may want to go with the HMO insurance. If your Doc doesn’t accept HMO or you have more advanced dental needs, consider the PPO. Regardless of what plan you select, make sure you understand the annual maximum payout. The maximum payout is the most the insurance company will pay towards your dental needs in one calender year. On some plans this number is pretty low (like $1000) and will cap your coverage when you hit that number.

Most medical health applications will offer you optional dental.  Call us if you have any questions.