Health Insurance for individuals and Families

Alternatives to COBRA

Many people think that since their former company is giving them the opportunity to purchase COBRA coverage, it’s their best option.  But if you have looked closely at the price tag on your company’s COBRA plan, then you know that this may not always be the case. That being said, the folks behind COBRA are not simply jacking up the price to “gauge” former employees (or students that come off family plans). Your COBRA plan is typically just 2% higher than what your company/family was paying for it. So if your COBRA plan is expensive, it usually means that your last plan was pretty comprehensive and your employer was paying a lot for you to be covered. While it’s great to have low deductibles, maternity coverage and no copays as part of your employment benefits, that may be less desirable when you are footing the bill directly.

What’s the Best Option for Someone Not Considering COBRA?

The short answer is individual health insurance. You want to find a nice balance between a monthly premium that you can afford and insurance benefits that you value. Consider taking on a higher deductible to keep the monthly premiums down and do not sign up for a plan with maternity benefits if there is no chance you can use them. We recommend that you get a quote from the box at the top of this page. Focus on the price first, then compare benefits of those plans in your desired price range.