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ObamaCare (AKA Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Healthcare Exchange), begins January 1, 2014. If you are a resident of New Mexico, are you prepared for ObamaCare? We have found the most important things you need to know so you’ll be ready by the deadline.

Affordable Care Act NM
• All residents of the Land of Enchantment must purchase federally approved health coverage or owe a penalty by law. There are a few exceptions to this rule including if you are a member of an Indian tribe or if this goes against your religion. To learn more about federally mandated penalties for the uninsured or to see if qualify for one of the exemptions, please read the article Affordable Care Act: Penalties for the Uninsured.

• The Affordable Care Act guarantees all New Mexicans will qualify for healthcare, no longer do preexisting conditions preclude you from obtaining health coverage. To learn more about your guaranteed eligibility read the article ObamaCare: Guaranteed Issuance for Everyone.

• With about 20% of New Mexico’s non-elderly uninsured, federal subsidies will kick in to help with monthly premiums for about 93% of those uninsured, as well as many other thousands of residents. To find out if you are eligible for a federal subsidy in NM Health Care Exchange Subsidies: Do You Qualify?

• The federal government is offering a lengthy initial open enrollment period of 6 months: October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. Contact 800-930-7956 extension 0 for assistance signing up.

Next Steps
For any further questions about New Mexico and the new Healthcare Exchange please contact Medicoverage: NM.

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