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Medicoverage Launches Health Insurance Quotes in Wisconsin

Medicoverage made public today it is offering health coverage to the state of Wisconsin. This follows on the heels of the company’s success in California, Ohio, Nevada, Georgia, among others. One key to Medicoverage’s success is its instant quote feature which allows for all contact information to remain optional.

“Adding Wisconsin is very exciting for us,” Medicoverage co-founder, Eric Scheinbaum, said, “We have been working on this for some time, and are thrilled to offer our plans to the people of Wisconsin. Just to name a few of these plans, Anthem Lumenos HSA Wisconsin, good for those interested in saving on their taxes, and our straightforward Anthem SmartSense Plus Wisconsin, great affordable coverage for families and individuals.”

Chris Mihm, co-founder and Scheinbaum’s partner, added, “We’ve been following trends in health insurance, and it very clear that more people are purchasing a plan outside of their company, and buy individual plans. What we’ve done is create a clear and concise website, offer the lowest guaranteed prices, and work with knowledgeable agents to help individuals and families find the best plan at the right price.

“Having our team well versed on the latest health laws is very important to Eric and me, because we always want to make sure that we are giving accurate information to our clients. We have maintained a stellar client retention because of our staff, our no nonsense way of presenting information, and offering the lowest price available. As well as we offer instant 5-second Wisconsin quotes through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and United Health One,” Mihm continued.



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