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Cedars-Sinai ObamaCare Plans

Cedars-Sinai accepts several Obamacare Exchange plans and off-Exchange plans to receive coverage from the world-renowned California hospital and its providers. UPDATED 11/13/2014


Obamacare Exchange Plans Accepted by Cedars

Obamacare Exchange plans are plans sold through your state’s website or through a certified agent and allow for Affordable Care Act subsidies. The following are Obamacare Exchange plans that offer full coverage benefits at Cedars-Sinai:

  • All Anthem Blue Cross EPO metal levels*

*Metal plans are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Obamacare off-Exchange Plans Accepted by Cedars

Off-Exchange plans are sold outside of your state’s website from a certified agent and don’t qualify you for income based subsidies to help with your premium and medical costs. Many people choose to enroll in these plans because the network is larger and you don’t have to share private information. The following are off-Exchange plans that offer full coverage at Cedars-Sinai:

  • Assurant Health offers a range of PPO plans**
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO plans may offer coverage**
  • Anthem Blue Cross EPO all metal levels

**Check with your agent to learn which off-Exchange PPO plans are available for full coverage at Cedars.

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