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Will Anthem Delay Rate Increase?

Just one day after we jumped on Steve Poizner for being reactionary in his handling of the Anthem rate hike, the California State Insurance Commissioner has asked Anthem to delay the proposed 3/1/2010 rate increases until 5/1/2010 to give his office time to investigate.

As of this blog posting, Anthem has yet to respond. While it is too early to know if the new rate hikes are justified or not.  The new rate hike has angered many and has reinvigorated health care reform.  Check out this quick sampling of sound bites:

  • “I can think of no better example of why we need health insurance reform,” said senator Diane Feinstein.
  • “They (Anthem) have clearly made themselves the poster child for why we need health insurance reform,” Assemblyman Dave Jones.
  • “If we don’t act, this is just a preview of coming attractions. Premiums will continue to rise for folks with insurance; millions more will lose their coverage altogether; our deficits will continue to grow larger. And we have an obligation—both parties—to tackle this issue in a serious way.”  President Barack Obama

So it looks like this rate action is now a political issues. We will have to see how that affects customers who have to pay for the insurance plans. We will keep you posted.

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