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What Should Clients Do About the Delayed Anthem Blue Cross Rate Actions?

If you currently have a policy with Anthem Blue Cross of California, you may have received a letter stating that your price will be changing as of March 1, 2010. As you may have heard in the news, this health insurance rate action will be postponed until May 1, 2010 pending further review. If you are a Medicoverage client, we have already sent you an email with an update. Please let us know if you have not received it. If you are not sure if the rate action will affect you, please contact us, as not all members with Anthem Blue Cross plans are subject to the rate action. If you are one of the individual/families who are facing the proposed monthly increase, here is what is coming next according to Anthem:

What will happen to my billing now that the insurance rate increase has been postponed by Anthem?

1) You will receive a pre-recorded message from Anthem, which provides further explanation and information detailing specifics of the March 1, 2010 Rate Action postponement and next steps.
2) A letter will go out to you that will also address how the rate increase will affect you.
3) As of March 1, 2010 your will be billed at their prior rate of premium (the same monthlyprice you were paying in January or February)
4) If you have already paid your monthly premiums at the new increased rate, you can expect a refund by the end of March.
5) Clients who pay with recurring checking or credit card deductions will be debited their previous rate for their March 1, 2010 bill.
6) Clients not on automatic-withdrawal payments will have 30 days from receipt of their new bill to pay their premium.

The steps noted above will be automatically processed and there is nothing that you will need to do right now.

What if I have already changed or canceled my Anthem Blue Cross of California coverage?

Anthem encourages you to wait until May 1, 2010 before making any plan changes. You will receive a letter which will provides you with information on what you need to do if you have already changed or canceled their health insurance coverage and would like to be reinstated to their prior coverage. You can call us for assistance if you would like to discuss your plan options or alternatives.


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