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Tenet and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia finally come to an agreement

After months of negotiations, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGA) and Tenet Healthcare have finally agreed to work together again.  The new agreement covers Tenet’s five acute care hospitals in Georgia (Atlanta Medical Center, North Fulton Hospital, South Fulton Medical Center, Spalding Regional Medical Center, and Sylvan Grove Hospital) as well as freestanding outpatient centers and physicians who are employed by Tenet subsidiaries.

According to BCBSGA’s Amy Cheslock, “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Tenet. As the state’s largest health benefits provider, we strive to create the best health care value for our customers through a broad network of quality health care providers.”

The financial terms of this agreement have not yet been disclosed.

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Comment from Kevin Harding on July 02, 2010

It looks like all our complaining has paid off. I’m glad that Tenet is back in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia insurance network. Does anyone know if this is the entire tenet network? I thought is was bigger

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