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Popular Tonik Health Insurance Comes to Colorado

Blue Cross of California broke the mold of traditional health insurance offerings by marketing unique health plans tailored to the lifestyle and attitudes of individuals aged 19-29. Now Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado is targeting the same uninsured “Young Invincibles” with the same Tonik plans.

Tonik plans are simple, easy to use and affordable. Tonik covers routine doctor visits as well as the more serious medical necessities. Unlike other individual policies on the market, seeing a dentist, getting eye exams, glasses and contacts are all-inclusive within the new benefit design.

Curious “young invincibles” Colorado residents can visit and apply for tonik online or call our agent at 888 285-6334. Applicants are subject to review and approval for a plan within minutes. The plans are intentionally easy to understand and navigate. There is minimal to no paperwork and if approved, an applicant can print out a custom-designed identification card right on the spot.

To learn more, contact us or go to www.tonikplans.com

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