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How Much Will That Operation Cost?

One of the greatest mysteries in American health care is trying to figure out how much a medical procedure will cost even when you have health insurance. For example, if you’re pregnant and have insurance, you still will be required to pay something to have your baby delivered at a hospital, right? But how much??? No one can seem to give you a straight answer on health costs. When you bring your car to the shop you always get an estimate before they begin work. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could give you an estimate for a medical procedure before it actually took place?

Anthem today announce a new tool to allow members estimate their upcoming medical expenses before seeking treatment.  The “Estimate your Cost Tool” is available online to current members. So for example, if you purchased the Anthem ClearProtection Plan in Nevada you you could this tool to estimate your cost.  They have a pretty good overview video on how it works here:  Anthem’s Estimate your Cost Tool. .

If you are an Anthem member, log on to your account to get started. If you have health insurance specific questions, contact a Medicoverage agent.

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