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BlueCard Included in ObamaCare Plans

BlueCard® is included in ObamaCare PPO plans. BlueCard members belong to a national Blue Cross Blue Shield program that enables them to receive care when traveling away from home or living in another…away from home or living in another Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Plan area. This is for those that need emergency services in another state or if you are bi-coastal/a snow-bird/two-state resident.


Who Can Use BlueCard?

In most states, if you enroll in a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan you will given a BlueCard with your enrollment package. This practice was on hiatus with some plans for 2014 and 2015, but is back for 2016. Click here to get a BCBS quote.

For further questions about your current BlueCard plan call 800-930-7956 or contact Medicoverage.

Comments and Questions

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Comment from Gerald Narbaez on December 04, 2015

Do I need to enroll in aca when I have blue card? Will I be charged on my taxes for no insurance with blue card?


The BlueCard is a card given to those enrolled in a PPO plan through certain insurance providers that allows them to see doctors in other states. If you have this insurance that includes a Blue Card, then you would not need to enroll through the Exchange, and would be qualifying insurace. If you are talking about a different Blue Card, then we would need more clarification to let you know if you would owe a penalty.

-Amy from http://www.medicoverage.com/

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