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What if I return to work after having Medicare?

Adding to the confusion about Medicare, one question arises: “What happens if I enroll in Medicare, then go back to work using my employer’s insurance, and then leave work again?”

Returning to Medicare doesn’t have to be complicated. When you return to work, check if you qualify for health insurance through your employer. If so, find out if you must maintain Medicare Part B while enrolled in the company plan. If you choose to stop Part B, you will also need to drop your Medigap policy. Note: If you drop Part B and later want to reenroll, you may not be guaranteed Medigap coverage. Insurers could deny coverage or charge more for preexisting conditions.

You will keep your Medicare Part A regardless. Depending on your situation, it may be cost-effective to suspend Part B and rely on work coverage. In other cases, it may be more affordable to keep both Medicare Part A and Part B, along with Medigap, and forego the work plan. Read more about it in this link What If I Have Medicare Then Return To Work?

Enrolling in Medicare after leaving work coverage

If you had Medicare but left it to obtain work coverage, and now want to return to Medicare, you can! You will have a Special Enrollment Period to enroll back in Medicare.

Medicare’s Special Enrollment Period grants you two full months to enroll in Medicare after leaving your employer’s insurance, even if you were previously enrolled in Medicare. You won’t have to pay any late-enrollment fees or penalties.

Enrolling in Medigap after leaving work coverage

Once you return to Medicare from work, you may also consider getting a Medigap Plan (Medicare Supplement). Approval for Medigap is not guaranteed, even if you had it before. Some companies may approve you without medical underwriting if you can provide proof of previous work coverage. We can help you identify which companies don’t require medical underwriting when returning to Medicare from work.

Different states have varying regulations on guaranteed issue for Medigap, separate from the federal government. If you live in one of these states, it’s advisable to check your rights. If you have questions, call at 800-930-7956, they can assist you in reviewing your options and reenrolling in a plan.

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