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I will move to another state: what happens with my Medigap?

Considering retirement in a different state? Many individuals opt for a change of scenery in their retirement years, prompting questions about the continuity of their Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans. According to CMS guidelines, you generally don’t need to reapply for Medigap when relocating, provided you maintain Original Medicare.

What Happens To My Medigap If I Move?

Moving to a new state doesn’t necessitate enrolling in a new Medigap plan, except for Medigap Select plans. However, be aware that your monthly premium might change based on the Medigap rates in your new area. Rates can either increase or decrease, depending on the cost structure in the new location.

For those considering a change, contacting 800-930-7956 and agents will provide insights into the cost adjustments in your new state. Instant Medicare Supplement quotes are also available for quick comparisons.

Switching Medigap Rules

If you find a more cost-effective Medigap plan in your new state, you have the option to submit a new application. It’s important to note that, in most states, moving doesn’t trigger a guaranteed issuance situation for Medigap, meaning you typically need to answer medical questions for new coverage.
While most states follow this general approach, it’s crucial to be aware of unique rules in MA, CA, MO, OR, and NY regarding buying and switching Medigap plans when moving. For individuals with specific inquiries, detailed information and assistance are available through this article about switching Medigap plans.

For further clarification or additional questions you can read the full article at “What Happens To My Medigap If I Move?”.

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