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Comparing Blue Shield Medigap Plans: G, G Extra, and G Inspire

Amidst the multitude of Medigap options, the distinctions between Blue Shield’s Medigap Plan G, G Extra, and G Inspire stand out. Blue Shield of California holds the distinction of being the first to enrich the popular Plan G with supplementary benefits. Eligible California applicants, applying before the specified date, can avoid health-related inquiries, thus streamlining the enrollment process. Delve into the Medigap comprehensive comparison here, including pricing specifics.

Three Medigap Plans Explained

  • All three plans necessitate payment of the Part B Deductible. G Extra and G Inspire elevate the coverage of Standard G, introducing provisions for hearing, vision, and Over-the-Counter benefits. G Inspire takes this a step further by including an AAA membership alongside the additional offerings.
  • As a nonprofit health plan affiliated with the Blue Shield Association, Blue Shield of California remains steadfast in making quality healthcare accessible to Californians at affordable rates. Plan G ranks as a top-selling Medigap plan, and Blue Shield’s pioneering approach of enhancing it with vision, hearing, and roadside assistance has earned notable recognition.
  • G Extra and G Inspire, with their appeal to a younger demographic due to their newer status, may carry the advantage of more competitive pricing. It’s important to note that availability of Blue Shield G Inspire may vary based on market locations.

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