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Blue Shield Medigap

Originally Posted August 31, 2015. Updated June 1, 2018

What Blue Shield Medigap plans are offered

Blue Shield currently offers Plan A, C, D, F, High F, K or N.

How to Apply for Blue Shield Medigap Online

Applying for a Blue Shield Medigap plan is easy. It is now available 100% online with no printing or faxing required.  Just click here to apply for Blue Shield Medigap.

Blue Shield Medigap Overview

Before we delve into Blue Shield Medigap, we want to first clear up some confusion. Blue Shield offers both Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap plans. What’s the difference?

    Medicare Advantage plans offer equivalent benefits as traditional Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) and Medicare Part B (doctor coverage). They can offer additional benefits such as prescription drug coverage or dental. Medicare Advantage plans are low cost but they have a limited HMO doctor network and offer very little coverage beyond the minimum requirements.

    Blue Shield Medigap plans offer additional benefits not covered under traditional Medicare. You will want to think of Medigap (which sometimes is referred to as Medicare Supplemental plans) as insurance you buy to cover all things that traditional Medicare does not cover. It is supposed to fill in the Medicare GAPS!

What are Medicare’s Expense “Gaps”?

Before selecting a Medigap plan, learn what traditional Medicare does not cover.

With just traditional Medicare you would still have to pay the following:

    1) Your Medicare Part A Hospital deductible: ($1316 or each admission every 60 day benefit period. You could be forced to pay this multiple times in the same year.)
    2) $329 to $658 per day for days 61-150 of a hospital stay.
    3) All costs for each hospital stay beyond 150 days
    4) Skilled_nursing per day for skilled nursing facility for days 21 through 100
    5) Your Part B deductible ($147)
    6) 20% doctor’s fees and 100% of fees over the Medicare-approved amount for services
    7) The first three pints of blood per calendar year
    8) Medical expenses incurred while traveling abroad.

Now that you can see the medical expense “gaps”  not covered by Medicare, you can see why someone would want to purchase a Medigap plan. The most comprehensive of these plans is Blue Shield Medigap Plan F.  While we refer to is as Blue Shield Medigap plan F, remember that it is the exact same plan as any other insurance company who offers the federally regulated plan F. That means that Blue Shield’s plan F offers the exact same benefits as United Health’s plan F.

Here is what Blue Shield Medigap Plan F Covers:

    1) Your Medicare Part A Hospital deductible (see list above for exact amount)
    2) All the hospital stay costs during days 61-150 that are only partially paid by Medicare (see list above for exact amount)
    3) All the hospital stay cost from 150 days-365 that are not covered at all by Medicare (see list above for exact amount)
    4) All the skilled nursing cost from 21 through 100 that are not covered by Medicare (see list above for exact amount)
    5) Your Medicare Part B deductible (see list above for exact amount)
    6) Both the 20% of normal Doctor fees that Medicare makes you pay plus 100% of any fees your doctor may charge beyond the Medicare reimbursement rate
    7) The first three pints of blood per calendar year
    8) Up to $50,000 of foreign medical expenses


Medigap Plan F does a very good job of filling in most of the potential medical expenses that are not covered by Traditional Medicare. It is the most comprehensive and most popular of all the Medicare Supplemental plans we sell. It is also usually one of the most expensive. The cost of Plan F depends on your age and where you live. To get a Blue Shield Medigap quick quote here.

Alternatives to Blue Shield Medigap Plan F:

You have a couple of options if you don’t want to go with the most comprehensive Medigap plan:

  • Select a Blue Shield High Deductible Medigap Plan F
  • Select a Blue Shield Medigap plan such as Plan A, C, D, K or N that covers less additional benefits at a lower monthly premium

Blue Shield High Deductible Plan F is the exact same plan as F but carries with it a deductible that you must first pay before all the benefits kick in. To learn more about high deductible or to get quotes and details on all other Blue Shield Medigap plans available, visit our new Medigap site called

After you have signed up for Medigap you are not done

Medigap plans only cover medical expenses at the doctor and hospital and do not cover prescription drugs or dental coverage. Blue Shield of California will offer you senior dental right in the application. You will want to purchase a Rx plan as part of Medicare Part D prescription plan. To get started with your RX coverage visit section on Medicare Part D prescriptions.

Enrolled in another Medigap plan, but want Blue Shield?

Not a problem! Blue Shield has extended their Special Enrollment for those who currently have a Medigap plan and want to switch! You don’t have to wait until your birthday, you can do it now.

Comments and Questions

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  • Comment from Kathy Wilcox on March 05, 2016

    What is the website to find the list physicians that take medicare supplemental plan high F.
    I live in Lakeside, CA 92040. San Diego area.
    Thank you for your time.
    Also, is there a website that has explanation of Benefits in PDF ?
    Thank you for your time.
    Kathy Wilcox


    There is not a list of physicians that any specific Medicare Supplement plan covers (unless it’s Medigap SELECT), because Medicare Supplement plans work with any doctor that accept Medicare assignment in the U.S., and its territories, and Medigap Plan F and G cover excess charges when you see doctors that do not accept assignment.

    Here is a comparison chart of Medigap plans, since each lettered plan has identical coverage. For a list of specific health services, you’ll want to check out our Medicare FAQ page. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    -Amy from

  • Comment from Martin Miller on February 21, 2014

    I hear Blue shield of CA now has an online Medigap application. I cannot find it. i’m not interested in printing out and filling out an application. Please send me the link


    Thank you for your comment. Click here for the Blue Shield online Medigap application.
    Jacima at

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