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Anthem Blue Cross of California Dental Select HMO

Anthem Blue Cross of California offers the Dental Select HMO plan. It includes free cleanings every six months, however use the Anthem Dental Select HMO quote to get details such as your premium, a doctor finder, and a cost breakdown.

Basic Anthem Blue Cross CA Dental Select HMO Details
Annual Deductible:  None
Enrollment Fee:     None
Annual Maximum:  Unlimited
Diagnostic Services: No Charge
Preventive Services: $5
Minor Services:     $0-$187
Access To Providers: Network Providers Only
Major Services:   $36-$223
Endodontics:   $289-$459
Periodontics:   $72
Prosthodontics:   $432
Orthodontics:   Child: $2,870/Adult: $3,045

For further questions call 800-930-7956 or for specific plan details you can locate the brochure through the Anthem Blue Cross Dental Select quote.

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