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Illinois ObamaCare Exchange Rates

Illinois has released its premiums for the Health Insurance Marketplace. The new plans are known as the Affordable Care Act plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Illinois Exchange Rate Chart

The chart details different pricing for Illinois counties. The premium prices below are there just to give you an idea of how much a plan may cost you -as you will see not every age is listed, as well as subsidies have not been included. For your personal quote and to learn if you qualify for premium subsidies or cost-sharing subsidies call 800-930-7956 or contact Medicoverage. Scroll to the right to see prices.

Click here to see a full screen version of the Illinois Exchange Chart.

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Comment from Yuvi on October 23, 2015

We have an HSA for the second time and we alywas enjoy it.  One thing that I like is that I don’t alywas have healthcare budgeted for.  I have 2 kids and can’t alywas predict when we might need to head to the doctor.  Well, having that HSA account allows me to just swipe a card instead of having to use Blow money or pull money from another envelope.  We have almost depleted our account from so many doctor’s visits this year, but it was well worth it!

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