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California Announces ObamaCare Dental Care Providers

June 26, 2013

By Ray Wilson+

Covered CA announced the six companies that will be offering dental plans in California to be attached to the new Health Care Exchange metal plans:  Bronze Health Plan, Silver Health Plan, Gold Health Plan, and Platinum Health Plan.


CA Dental Insurance Providers

  • Anthem Dental
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Delta Dental of California
  • Health Net Dental
  • LIBERTY Dental Plan
  • Premier Access Dental

How California Dental Plans work

Nine stand-alone plans will be offered by five providers, while Health Net will only be bundled with the health insurance plan. All of these stand-alone plans can be bundled so that there is only one premium paid each month. Read more about Monthly Premiums and Costs for Health Care Exchange Dental Care. There are stand-alone dental plans available now.

Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee explained why releasing these providers and plans is so important: “These plans dovetail with our mission to make sure every person in the state — and particularly our youngest and most vulnerable — get improved health care.”

Obtaining Dental Insurance
Good news, you don’t have to wait until the Health Insurance Marketplace goes fully in effect January 2014, because all current dental plans accept members without regard to preexisting conditions and run month to month. If you need assistance changing or obtaining dental care call 800-930-7956 or contact Medicoverage.

The next open enrollment for new health coverage begins October 15, 2015. Applications must be submitted before December 7, 2015 to start a plan in 2016. If you are looking to get covered in 2015 you still have a few options. See link below:

Click here to learn how to get covered in 2015 if you missed the Obamacare 2/15 deadline.

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By Dot Aguiar on May 05, 2014

Can you please give some info re: dentists in Modesto California.  I have a client who has obama care and is in need of dental work.  I have researched the internet and found this.  I would appreciate any and all info you can provide in the above stated area.  I am a county behavioral specialist and have many clients in need of some direction to resources.  Thank you for your time.

Dot Aguiar

Thanks for your question. Dental in California is a little bit confusing.  Unless your client is under 18 years old he/she will have to purchase and pay for a separate dental plan. If you click here you should be able to find dental plans in your area. You can search the Modesto dentist network of doctors that work with that plan from that link. For further questions call 800-930-7956.
-Eric from

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