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Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Plans Finally In More States

September 01, 2009

By: Martin L. Lawrence

Once only available in California, Tonik Health Insurance plans are now offered in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Nevada.  The Tonik plans which are now in 6 states specifically targeting active, healthy people who need health insurance but hate forms and jargon.

We were skeptical at first since, as we all know, health insurance companies are notorious for making everything more confusing than it needs to be. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we were wrong. Tonik plans are easy to understand and easy to apply for. Check out our initial overview below:

TonikA>?,??,>s motto is A>?,?_"Cover your A-ZA>?,?A_ and, beyond the double entendre, it basically means that Tonik will offer, for the first time, health, vision, and dental for one easy payment. No other health plan that we know of offers all three benefits bundled for one low payment.

TOO HIP? Everything Tonik does is hip. The website is designed in Flash and focuses on extreme sports graphics. They also regularly use slang like “dude” and “buzzkill”. If you can get past their over-eager effort to relate to the young generation, you will find great plans and by far the best online health insurance application. Most people complete it in 15 minutes and many are approved within 5 minutes.

WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Tonik has 3 plans dubbed for different types of users. They have A>?,?_"The Thrill Seeker,A>?,?A_ A>?,?_"The Part-Time DaredevilA>?,?A_ and A>?,?_"The Calculated Risk Taker.” We like these names because it’s now much easy to sort through than the old confusing codes and numbers of traditional plans. With the TONIK system, all you have to do is just figure out which category you fall under and then apply. If you are a “Thrill Seeker,” you probably want to be covered in case of an accident and figure you will only need to see the doctor a few times a year. “Calculated Risk Takers,” on the other hand, are willing to pay a little more for low deductibles and unlimited trips to the doctor in addition to comprehensive coverage for accidents. “Part Time Daredevils” fall somewhere in between. Check out the TONIK plan break down below and see which type you are.

If you are a recent grad or an young person (it’s ok if your over 29- just be healthy and active) considering health insurance, check out the Tonik prices and info below. If you have any questions call an independent authorized agent at 800-930-7956. These agents are experts on these plans and, best of all, they work on your behalf at no additional charge or hidden fees.You can call them directly or go straight to the website to apply.

TONIK covers you for the everyday, preventative stuff (like checkups) and the more dramatic encounters (like trips to the emergency room). TONIK plans include coverage for:

Seeing a doctor
Getting generic prescription drugs
Going to the emergency room
Having surgery
Seeing a dentist
Getting eye exams, glasses or contacts
...and a whole lot more

The Bottom Line.
YouA>?,??,>ll find TONIK plans to be affordable.Other comparable plans often cost as much but do not cover doctor visits or dental. The price will vary based on your zip code, type of plan and your age. To find out rates and benefits for California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Georgia, Nevada, visit our pages dedicated to Tonik Health Insurance

Below is just a general guideline. Please note that plan benefits vary by state.

Annual Deductible: There are three: $5,000, $3,000 or $1,500
Doctor Visit Copay: Copays can be from $20*, $30*, $40 depending on your state and plan
Out of Pocket Max: This is the same as your deductible. $5,000 $3,000 $1,500
Prescription Drugs: Generic only in most states: $10-$15
Emergency Room Care: This benefit depends on your state. In some states it is as low as $100.
Inpatient Hospital: $0 after the deductible is met
Dental Cleanings, Exams & some X-rays: No cost and no deductible (limit 2 times a year)
Dental Deductible: Ranges from $25-$50
Fillings: you pay 20% after you pay deductible.

To apply or for more details Visit the our new section dedicated to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

REMEMBER The Tonik plans do not include maternity benefits!!!!

Comments for Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Plans Finally In More States

By patti clark on October 04, 2010

Is this a PPO where we can choose our own doctors?

By Jardin on July 03, 2011

I hope you find the folks that are tarnishing your good name through strong arm tactics.
accident insurance claim
accident claims

By Jon on July 03, 2011

When is tonik coming to New York!!!? We need something like this here.

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