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Tonik Colorado: 3 tips if you lose your insurance card

May 28, 2010

By: Mike Rose

So if you are young and active like many Tonik members you also probably lose things all the time. Maybe you are always on the go or you just have a lot of pockets that are hard to keep track of, whatever the reason we have got you covered. So what do you do if you cannot find your Tonik card? First of all: Don’t Panic. Whether if you lost your Tonik card on the slopes in Aspen Colorado or just can’t find it after a big night out, don’t worry. You are still covered even without your card. That being said you will want to take action quickly to avoid the hassles of extra paperwork should you show up to a hospital with no health card.

1) Order a new Tonik card:

Visit our Colorado Member Section and click on the VIP lounge. There you can order a new card. If you cannot remember your username or password, you are out of luck. In that case give us a call and we can order it over the phone. It takes about 2 weeks to receive a new card.  UPDATE: There is talk that Anthem will close down the VIP lounge for new members. Not sure if that is for all states or just California. Let us know if you cannot access the Tonik Vip lounge and we can solve your issue over the phone.

2) Find your health card ID number and write it down.

Most doctors and facilities can verify your insurance with just your name and ID number. So write down your ID number and put it in your wallet until you get your new card in the mail. Where do you get your ID number?  You can either check your approval email you got after you applied or you can call us and we can look it up for you. If a doctor needs to verify your coverage and they don’t trust the little piece of paper you hand them with your ID number on it, just have them call Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Member verification at 877-833-5742

3) Return to what you were doing before you lost your card

Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

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