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Tonik California New Application July 1

June 25, 2010

By: Mike Solis

If you are currently applying to Blue Cross Tonik, make sure you get your application in before July 1, 2010 as a new (longer) application is coming. Anyone trying to access their Tonik CA application on or after July 1 will have to start over from the beginning.

That is basically it in a nutshell. The Tonik application in California is going away for a while. So if you like the cool graphics of the current application, you better log in today to finish your application. Starting the first of next month, Tonik applicants will have to fill out the Anthem Blue Cross application designed for traditional plans.  You can go here to apply:

Will this affect other Tonik state applications?

No. We have been told that only Tonik CA will be switching to the traditional format. All other states will have the same Tonik application that you know and love.

Why are they going to change the Tonik Application?

Good question!!! We have been told that the State of California has to approve any changes to an application. Anthem is hoping to add additional questions to all their health applications. Changes to the traditional Anthem health insurance application have been submitted and approved.  The current Tonik application has not been submitted for changes so they are moving it over to the new and approved traditional application.

Will the Tonik only application come back to California?

We don’t know but we hope so.  The current Tonik application is so clean and simple to fill out that it would be a shame if California individuals could not access it. Hopefully they will submit it for review by the state of California with their new desired changes.

Remind me again, why should I care if the Tonik application is changing on July 1, 2010?

This should only affect Californian’s who want to sign up for Tonik in the near future. If you have started an application and wait until after July 1, you will have to start a whole new application and none of the information that you previously entered will be transferred over to the new application. Additionally the new application adds more questions so it could take a little longer

Comments for Tonik California New Application July 1

By Mark Romano on July 01, 2010

So it’s July 1 and I have just completed the new application. While it doesn’t have the same look or feel as the old Tonik application, it isn’t bad. It includes a “not sure” option which is pretty cool. Also it make applying for tonik as a family easier IMHO. 

Also I hear now these new applications will go through an enhanced underwriting process which should increase Tonik approvals. We will see

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