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Seaching for Tonik New Hampshire? Consider Blue Cross Premier

January 01, 2012

Marcie Gooden

So for reasons beyond my understanding, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire has stopped offering Tonik health insurance plans to new members. The good news is that they now offer a few new plans that are worth considering. 

When Anthem Blue Cross packed up Tonik last year (2011), they came out with both the SmartSense and Premier plans.  I personally really like the Premier plans and here is why. If you select a Blue Cross Premier plan with a deductible of $2500 or higher you will not be subject to that annoying co-insurance. Co-insurance is the percentage of expenses you pay AFTER you have paid the deductible. While co-insurance is not intrinsically evil, I’d rather not pay anything else after satisfying my deductible. How about you?

One reason why I liked Tonik so much is that those plans didn’t have co-insurance and the good news is now Premier plans offer an option to skip the co-insurance. I also like that all the plans have unlimited office visits.  That’s something Tonik never offered in NH. Also the old Tonik plans used to charge you for preventive visits like a physical or OBGYN and all the related test. These new premier plans have no charge for preventive visits and preventive testing. Yay!!!

While premier doesn’t offer Dental like the old Tonik, IMHO you’re getting a better deal for the price. You can learn more about the new premier plans here.

Comments for Seaching for Tonik New Hampshire? Consider Blue Cross Premier

By Steve Sherwin on March 29, 2012

I wanted Tonik because I had it before but I’m cool with these Premier plans. Any way I can get dental as well?

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