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New Tonik plans roll out to all states but California and Colorado

October 04, 2010

Mike Rose

On September 23, 2010, every health plan had to be updated to offer new health care reforms and older plans couldn’t be sold.  Anthem now has the new plans available in all states but CT and CA.  No word on when you can buy Tonik in California or Connecticut.

What Tonik plans are now available for Purchase?

As of October 1, 2010 you can purchase the following plans:

Georgia: Tonik 5000, Tonik 3000, Tonik 1500
New Hampshire:  Tonik 5000, Tonik 3000, Tonik 1500
Colorado:  Tonik 5000(no other tonik plan will be offered)
Nevada: Tonik 5000 (no other tonik plan will be offered)
Connecticut: TBA
California: TBA

Why the Hold Up in CA and CT

Any changes to any health insurance plans must first be approved by the state insurance commissioner. Until the new Tonik plans are approved, they cannot be offered for sell.  If you live in CA and CT and want to be alerted to the plans availability, please contact us.

When can we purchase Tonik in California or Connecticut

No one knows for sure but as of Oct. 1, 2010 no Tonik plans were available for purchase in CA or CT.  We do know that only the Tonik 5000 will be available in CA once the new plan is approved.  We will keep you posted.

Comments for New Tonik plans roll out to all states but California and Colorado

By M. Carter on October 27, 2010

Please contact with plan information for state of CA.. Thanks

By forex4you on July 27, 2011

Nice Blog. Thanks for shearing this informative blog with all of us

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