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Nevada Tonik:  Blue Cross Health Coverage Explained

June 15, 2010

By Mike Rose

The main reason people should purchase a Tonik health plan in Nevada is to protect themselves from bankruptcy should a major health issue occur. We all have health insurance horror stories about some uninsured friend being billed thousands of dollars for medical fees. Since Tonik has a 5 million dollar life time payout, you can rest assured that if you ever did have very expensive hospital bills you would be covered.  But you would first have to pay your deductible.

How does the Blue Cross Tonik Nevada deductible work?

Tonik offers three different plans with three different deductibles.

  • 1) Tonik 1500
  • 2) Tonik 3000
  • 3) Tonik 5000

To learn more about these plans or to apply for Tonik, visit our Tonik NV section

What does Nevada Tonik cover before satisfying the deductible?

Tonik covers office visits, dental, vision, emergency room benefits and some drugs benefits without having to first pay the calender year deductible. See below for examples of what benefits you can get with TONIK in Nevada before satisfying the deductible.

Tonik NV Office Visits:

  • Doctor Visit Copay is $20-$40 (depending on Tonik plan)

Tonik NV Dental:

  • 2 check-ups per calender year
  • Initial xrays
  • Teeth Cleaning

Tonik NV Vision

  • First $50 of vision related expenses reimburse each year

Tonik NV Emergency Room Benefits:

  • $100 copay for each ER visit

Tonik NV Prescription Drugs

  • $10 Generic Drugs only

To see exactly what is covered under a specific Tonik plan, please visit our Anthem Nevada Provider Page and click on the Tonik plan of your choice. 

Just an FYI make sure you spell Tonik with a “K.”  We see lots of people looking for Nevada Tonic Health Insurance but are unable to find it. Welcome to Nevada Tonik

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