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Is BCBSGA Tonik the same as Anthem Tonik?

June 09, 2010

By Mike Solis

Tonik health insurance is directly associated with some form Anthem in every state that sells Tonik except Georgia. People are wondering what is the difference from BCBSGA Tonik and Anthem Tonik. The answer is not that much.  A few years back Welpoint, the parent company to many Blue Cross companies across the nation decided to do a rebranding with their Anthem name. Most states including California, Connecticut, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire took on the Anthem moniker. So if you purchased a Tonik plan in California, for example, it would be called Anthem Blue Cross Tonik.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, however, did not rebrand using the Anthem name. 

So while the Anthem name is not used with referring to BCBSGA, if you visit the company’s website you will see that they say that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia is affiliated with the following companies:

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Administrator, LLC
Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company  
Anthem Health Plans, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Anthem Life Insurance Company

So BCBSGA and Anthem are “affiliated.” The bottom line is Tonik benefits vary slightly state-to-state, so read your GA Tonik summary of benefits.  All Tonik plans, regardless of state, have a 5,000,000 lifetime payout and covered medical, dental and vision benefits.  The national network call Blue Card is the same if you purchased Tonik in Georgia or California.  Hope that helps.

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