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How do I get a Tonik Quote?

June 02, 2010

By Mike Solis

So yeah, you get it. Tonik has a cool website and the health insurance coverage is probably what you are looking for. But how much does it cost?

Tonik’s price is based on 4 main factors

Age: The younger you are the less it will be.

Gender: Females tend to cost more than males when they are younger but less when they are older.

Zip: Rural areas tend to be less expensive than urban areas.

Health History: Smokers, people on expensive medications or people whose body mass index is outside the underwriting guidelines may pay more.

Tonik Quick Quote gives quotes on Age, Gender, and Zip

Now it wouldn’t be quick if it factored in your total health background. So while the online application will factor in your health history to give you a more accurate quote, the quick quote button can give you a general quote in seconds. See below

Steps to getting a Tonik Quick Quote

1) Visit

2) Click on your state name on the right

3) Click on the green apply tab under your state

4) Wait until the “Cover your A-Z page”  to open up. Be patient!

5) Find the box in the lower left hand corner called “QUICK QUOTE”

6) Click GO
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Comments for How do I get a Tonik Quote?

By Ray Medosa on August 06, 2010

Just an FYI:  The best Tonik quote is found in the application after you fill out the first section. The application factors in your health history so it is more accurate. My quote in the application was higher than my “quick Quote” because I’m a smoker. I had to call in to have someone explain why the two quotes didn’t match up. The guy on the phone said that the quick quote is a ballpark quote that most people end up paying but the application quote is more accurate.

By Jardin on July 03, 2011

Really it is nice post, The post is clearly highlighting the steps to apply.  I guess what I want to know more is how much will it cost to sign up for tonik?

By Ashley on July 03, 2011

It seems like prices are going up. Are there any cheaper plans that have dental and vision?

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