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Blue Cross Blue Shield Smartense POS Georgia

What is Smartsense POS?

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia SmartSense Plus POS plan is similar to the traditional SmartSense PPO only with a Point of Service (POS) network. This will be a smaller network of doctors and will generally cost less than the PPO plan. This plan offers benefits for its members even before the deductible is met.

With deductibles ranging from $750 -$10,000 (double for families), there is a plan for any budget.

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SmartSense GA POS Quote

The price varies by your age and the plan you choose.  You can get a SmartSense Plus price quote here.


SmartSense POS Deductible

With the SmartSense Plus POS GA plan, the first three doctor’s office visits are provided at a $30 copay, generic and prescription drugs with copay, and no cost for preventive care, with the deductible waived (additional visits are covered after the deductible). Once the deductible is satisfied, members pay 30% coinsurance for the next $3,000.

Remember if you are a family, the deductible and coinsurance amount doubles.

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Smartsense POS Benefits

Physical: $0
Pap Test: $0
Well-Child: $0
Mammogram: $0
Doctor Visits (First 3): $30
Prescription Drugs: see benefit summary

After Deductible and Coinsurance

Hospital Stay: $0
Hospice Care: $0
Surgery: $0
Chiropractic: $0
Ambulance: $0
Mental Health: $0
See more benefits in summary

What's not covered:

Elective Surgery

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