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Anthem CA SmartSense Plus

What is SmartSense Insurance?

Anthem CA SmartSense Plus health plans offer affordable price options, solid protection that covers essentials, and even some immediate benefits before the deductible. By choosing from a range of deductibles ($2,000-$6,000) you can find a plan that meets your budget. You also have two choices for Rx drugs:

1) Standard Rx offers generics for $15 but requires a separate $7500 Rx deductible for brand name drugs.
2) Upgrade Rx offers generics for $15 and has a $500 Rx deductible for brand names.
See summary for details.

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How Much Does Smartsense Plus Cost?

The price varies by your age and the plan you choose. You can get a SmartSense Plus price quote here.


SmartSense Deductible

Under the SmartSense Plus plan, the first three doctor’s office visits are provided at a $30 copay, with the deductible waived (additional visits are covered at no cost after the deductible). For most all other services you must first satisfy your deductible before Anthem starts paying towards your medical fees. Once the deductible has been met, members pay 30% coinsurance for the next $3,500.

Remember if you are a family, the deductible and coinsurance amount doubles.

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SmartSense Plus Benefits

Doctor Visits (First 3): $30
Physical: $0
Immunizations: $0
Mammography: $0
Generic Drugs: $15
Well-Child: $0
Brand Drugs: See details on page

After Deductible and Coinsurance

X-Rays: $0
Surgery: $0
Ambulance: $0
Hospital Stay: $0
Maternity: $0
Chiropractic: $0
See more benefits in summary

What's not covered:

Elective surgery
See benefits for details

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